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I've since spent time learning how to use install_name_tool & otool to do this properly, and documented the process here: Using Frameworks Within NSBundles

I would like to use the Connection Kit framework within an NSBundle I am making.

To allow my bundle to load the framework successfully, I've changed the dynamic library install name to use @loader_path as opposed to @executable_path.

Connection Kit dynamic library install name

After building and including the framework in my NSBundle, then building that, running the program that loads my bundle, my bundle fails to load and produces the following output:

Error loading MyBundle.rwplugin/Contents/MacOS/MyBundle:  dlopen(/Users/facelap/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/MyBundle-hiyhdkndcnuhspfqwcuyneqobeou/Build/Products/Debug/MyBundle.rwplugin/Contents/MacOS/MyBundle, 265): Library not loaded: @executable_path/../Frameworks/DAVKit.framework/Versions/A/DAVKit
  Referenced from: /Users/facelap/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/MyBundle-hiyhdkndcnuhspfqwcuyneqobeou/Build/Products/Debug/MyBundle.rwplugin/Contents/MacOS/../Frameworks/Connection.framework/Versions/A/Connection
  Reason: image not found

It seems that Connection Kit itself uses a framework.

I also have the source for this framework. I tried setting its dynamic library install name to @loader_path, but this resulted in similar output (and the bundle failed to loar).

What would a sane entry be for the dynamic library install name for a framework within a framework that is to be used within an NSBundle?

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Look at the crash log. It says that you bundle can't load DAVKit.framework so the easiest way - its rebuild ConnectionKit framework but instead of embedding DAVKit.xcodeproj insert all sources of DAVKit. Its easiest way but more correctly - its setup install path of ConnectionKit and DAVKit frameworks. Its link should help you: embedding frameworks in loadable bundles

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Thanks, I might try that. Could you clarify what you mean by 'its setup install path of ConnectionKit and DAVKit...'? I don't understand what you are trying to say there. – Michael Robinson Feb 23 '12 at 23:46
Building DAVKit wihtin ConnectionKit worked, thanks for the tip :) – Michael Robinson Feb 25 '12 at 11:12

You should link your bundle with DAVKit and include it there In the same way as you're including ConnectionKit. This avoids having multiple depths of frameworks being shipped

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Ideally, I didn't want to do this for two reasons. #1 was that this would make updating the framework more difficult, i.e. more than just doing a git pull on the framework then building & copying it over. #2 simply copying the other frameworks into my project wouldn't work anyway, as I needed to correct the install path for the frameworks. I wrote about how to do this here: pagesofinterest.net/blog/2012/05/… – Michael Robinson May 18 '12 at 10:22
Ah, so you don't have ConnectionKit as a submodule then? – Mike Abdullah May 18 '12 at 13:45
No, but to be honest until I read your comment this didn't occur to me! I have been using it as an external framework. Works well now I learned how to use install_name_tool correctly. – Michael Robinson May 19 '12 at 9:40

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