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I need to validate a particular content from the pdf using QTP. How I can get the content from the pdf into the string Using QTP/VBScript. So that, I can validate the content in the Pdf.

Thanks in Advance.

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Do visit Here. You will get your answer, this is one of the menthod to work with PDF in QTP. You can also fetch data from PDF by passing Keys i,e, Ctrl+a then Ctrl+c then copy this data to Clipboard & use this data for comparing with your standard data

Sample Function For Getting data from PDF, When PDF report is open in Broweser whose creation time is passed in datatable

Public function CopyPDFData(sDestinationFile)       
Dim clip, strText, nCT, fso

nCT = DataTable("bPDFCreationTime", dtLocalSheet)
If nCT =""  Then nCT=1
Browser("CreationTime:=" & nCT).Sync

Browser("CreationTime:=" & nCT).FullScreen            
Browser("CreationTime:=" & nCT).WinObject("object class:=AVL_AVView", "text:=AVPageView").Type micCtrlDwn + "a" + micCtrlUp
Browser("CreationTime:=" & nCT).WinObject("object class:=AVL_AVView", "text:=AVPageView").Type micCtrlDwn + "c" + micCtrlUp

Set clip = CreateObject("Mercury.Clipboard" )
strText = clip.GetText

Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set strfile = fso.CreateTextFile(sDestinationFile, True) 
strfile .Write  strText
strfile .Close
Browser("CreationTime:=" & nCT).sync
Browser("CreationTime:=" & nCT).close
End Function

Let me know if this solves your problem, there are also other alternatives for PDF Report testing using QTP

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