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I'm new to dojo and can't figure out why this is happening

in dojo.html:

require(["dojo/query", "dojo/NodeList-dom", "dojo/domReady!", "a" ], function(query, a) {
            query("#greeting").style("color", "red");

in a.js

define([], function() {
var a = {
    "sheep": "blah",
return a;

Requiring and loading module a is fine, but when I try to alert a.sheep, I get undefined. Note: I've also tried declaring sheep : "blah" as well and try changing sheep to an alert function and running a.sheep; which worked.

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the reason you cannot access a.sheep is that there is dojo/NodeList-dom module in a variable. The order of elements in define/require array is bind to the list of arguments in the subsequent function. So you should write:

require(["dojo/query", "a", "dojo/NodeList-dom", "dojo/domReady!"], function(query, a) {


Also from the practical point of view I happen to format my code like this:





return declare(null, {

    constructor: function() {}


Every module on his own line, plus logical clustering of modules via empty lines.

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