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I have developed simple 2D games with AndEngine but now I want to make games using Physics Engine. I am using AndEngine as game development engine but there is no tutorials available. I am stuck in tons of information. I have read Box2d manual on their site.

If you know please share tutorials.


if you know any open source game build with AndEngine+Box2d then please share URI
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Box2d is just a physics engine, it does present nothing on the screen. It just makes physics simulation. How this simulation results will be represented on the screen is totally up to you: it can be a stream of positions printed on the screen, an image which position is synced with b2Body's position or anything else you like.

So you can read any Box2d tutorial you like (a lot can be found in google). I suggest you starting with box2d manual coming with box2d.

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I am using andEngine and its wrapper to call native code in Java. I have already read their manual. I know about basics but most of the things like velocity, gravity, restitution are hit and trial. :-( –  AZ_ Feb 17 '12 at 6:41
@Algo: Actually gravity, velocity, forces, density, joints work totally the same as the do in the real life. Restitution behaviour is well documented in the manual. You can just play with the friction. –  Andrew Feb 17 '12 at 7:04

http://sebastiannilsson.com/en/k/projekt/sketchy-truck/ This game is based on andengine and box2d. Everything is open source.

Perhaphs not a great tutorial since the code is not very well commented but it could be helpful anyway.

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There are many tutorials on AndEngine forum http://www.andengine.org/forums/tutorials/

Also, AndEngineExamples from the repository contains several examples of physics use in AndEngine. Since the engine is so poorly documented, this is probably the best resource.

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This has the best examples which you can learn from. They have the Box2d examples in here too. http://code.google.com/p/andengineexamples/

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This app I wrote uses Box2D and AndEngine. It's not a game yet but it has physics and interactive graphics, good to learn from.


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