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Actually my project database size is 30mb. I have used only 7mb of data till now. But now I need to place the complete database(30mb) in my assets folder of my project. Can we place that much data for android application? Please help me regarding this. Will be thankful to you

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Do note that users do not like to install large applications. If there's any other way to reach this data, as in for example over HTTP, you should consider it. – Joakim Berglund Feb 17 '12 at 14:24

An apk has a max size of 50mb, so it should be ok. Here is a related question: Android - Application (apk) Maximum size

Edit: And of course this is only for the Android market, I don't know if there is any other limits. However, 30mb should never be a problem.

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Its depend on internal memory of your phone. Because all files from assetes are get written in internal memory/ external if you installing app on memory card. But for installation app will take to much time.

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