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Is there a way that I can do a left logical shift on a double word in SPARC assembly?

I have

ldd [%fp - 8], %l0

to load the 64bit memory address. Note that this is not an integer, merely a sequence of bytes, so the left logical shift is not acting as a multiplication.


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Fundamentals of Computer Organization and Design Page 988 (You can look it up on google books)

sllx Rs1,Rs2,Rd 

Left shifts a 64 bit value Rs1 by the 6 least significant bits of Rs2 and stores it in Rd. Many of the instructions from Sparc v8 are postfixed with an x to denote the 64bit version of that instruction. For instance sllx, srax, srlx

Btw I just came across this document which seems much easier to get bits of info from that the Sparc v9 manual itself

Hopefully that helps. This is my first stackoverflow post!

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