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I can get window.innerHeight on Chrome.

1, How to get this property on IE7 via pure JS?

2, How to get this property on IE7 via jQuery?

Thank you!

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  1. Pure JS is difficult; so you'll need a script for that:

  2. jQuery on the other hand, is as simple as typing this:


JS Fiddle link for a live demo

Note: The window size is the size of the result section in JS Fiddle.

Update 1

I found a script that finds the scrollbar size from JQuery Dimensions should have a method to return the scrollbar size:

jQuery.getScrollBarSize = function() {
   var inner = $('<p></p>').css({
   var outer = $('<div></div>').css({


   var w1 = inner.width(), h1 = inner.height();
   var w2 = inner.width(), h2 = inner.height();
   if (w1 == w2 && outer[0].clientWidth) {
      w2 = outer[0].clientWidth;
   if (h1 == h2 && outer[0].clientHeight) {
      h2 = outer[0].clientHeight;


   return [(w1 - w2),(h1 - h2)];

The only problem left is it always adds the scrollbar width & height to the dimensions, regardless if there is a scrollbar or not. One solution to fix this problem is to detect when there is overflow in a web page, and at what dimension (vertical or horizontal).

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Thank you for your answer. But window.innerHeight will return the height with width of scroll bar if exists. And $(window).height() will return the height without width of scroll bar if exists. – weilou Mar 13 '12 at 13:17

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