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i want to change the distanceFilter value on the basis of current speed. I try to change distanceFilter value after calling startUpdatinglocation on the basis of current speed, but it doesn't make any difference. Its giving location updates for every 10 meters because in starting i set distanceFilter value to 10. What i think i need to call stopUpdatingLocation and then startUpdatingLocation to make changes is distanceFilter value. But my concern is if i call stopUpdatingLocation and startUpdatingLocation frequently then will it drain more battery ? or in simple words if i try to start/stop GPS receiver more frequently then will it consume more power or not ?

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yes it uses power to find satellites and lock on to them. I use a singleton for my location manager and it has a cllocation manager property I have tried to change to call

 ` [location.locationManager setDesiredAccuracy:100.0f];
    [location.locationManager setDistanceFilter:100.0f];`

and Im not getting and errors so you can just change it on the fly

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