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Iam building a calendar and I have run into problem. I need to pass multidimensional array with events to the Calendar library

This is from Codeingiter's user manual:


$data = array(
               3  => '',
               7  => '',
               13 => '',
               26 => ''

echo $this->calendar->generate(2006, 6, $data);

Is it possible to pass multidimensional array, something like:


$data = array(
               3  => array('url'=>'article/2006/03/', 'title'=>'Hello1'),
               7  => array('url'=>'article/2006/07/', 'title'=>'Hello2'),
               13 => array('url'=>'article/2006/13/', 'title'=>'Hello3'),
               26 => array('url'=>'article/2006/26/', 'title'=>'Hello4')

echo $this->calendar->generate(2006, 6, $data);

and then somehow reference it in the calendar template, something like:

{cal_cell_content}<h1>{title}</h1><a href="{url}">{day}</a>{/cal_cell_content}


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What I would do is extend the native CodeIgniter Calendar library, and overwrite the generate() function. In the while loop that buids the main body of the calendar, change the code that's build the cell content. Make it replace {title} with your given title, and {url} with your url.

I think changing:

$out .= str_replace('{day}', $day, str_replace('{content}', $data[$day], $temp));


$out .= str_replace('{day}', $day, str_replace('{title}', $data[$day]['title'],
str_replace('{url}', $data[$day]['url'], $temp)));

Will pretty much do it, but I haven't got the time to test it.

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Hey cool, I just discovered it myself - and it works!! The only thing is I dont know how to properly extend Calendar class and override the generate function. I created MY_Calendar in application/libraries folder and extended CI_Calendar class - but that did'nt seem to work... – fjckls Feb 17 '12 at 9:30
Create a MY_Calendar.php file in application/libraries/. And than class MY_Calendar extends CI_Calendar{ // new generate function } – Crinsane Feb 17 '12 at 9:43

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