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I'm caching the result of my linq 2 sql queries and I was hopeful that the related entities were also loaded and cached in the memory of my application( application).

Well this did not happen. The related entities were null.

Question: how do I make sure when I cache an entity Product the the related Category is also cached? Can this be done without having to explicitly cache the related category? Any comment will be highly appreciated.

thanks in advance M

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You can use LoadOptions on the Datacontext to make sure they are automatically loaded

DataLoadOptions options = new DataLoadOptions(); 
options.LoadWith<Product>(c => c.OrderDetails); 
db.LoadOptions = options; 

This example loads OrderDetails with products immediately.

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Many thanks.... This looks like what i was missing.... – Meelfan Bmfp Feb 17 '12 at 9:39

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