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I'm trying to create three dynamically filled FlyoutAnchor Ribbon buttons, based on the following SO answer: Add Dropdown Menu to CRM 2011 ribbon

All three FlyoutAnchor buttons use the same PopulateQueryCommand. The JavaScript function which is linked to the command (see code block below) gets the CommandProperties CrmParameter passed as the first argument to be able identify the flyout button which was clicked (and should be filled with dynamically added dropdown menu items).

function DynamicMenu(CommandProperties) {
    /// <summary>Dynamically generate menu items based on context</summary>
    /// <param name="CommandProperties">
    ///    Command properties crm parameter sent from the ribbon.  object used to inject the Menu XML
    /// </param>


    var menuXml = '<Menu Id=\"Sample.DynamicMenu\">' +
                       // ... Other menu XML stuff goes here

    CommandProperties.PopulationXML = menuXml;  // error here...PopulationXML is undefined... :-(

    // ...

The function gets nicely called and the 'CommandProperties' argument is passed (it isn't null and not undefined), but when I try to set the PopulationXML I get an error, because this property is undefined. The other three expected properties listed below are also undefined:

  • SourceControlId: The Id value of the Ribbon control that initiated the event.
  • CommandValueId: A string that is sent with the command event when a button is clicked.
  • MenuItemId: A reference from a control to the Id of a menu item.

When I pass in a second different CrmParameter, for example PrimaryEntityTypeName, this argument is correctly filled / set.

What could be the cause of the messed-up CommandProperties argument?

Update 21-2-2012: To be complete, I also tried the single button approach, such as described in Add Dropdown Menu to CRM 2011 ribbon, but that gave me the same result (no usable Commandproperties object). My CRM server is running Rollup 6, maybe that has something to do with it? Is there a different way of getting this kind of flyout ribbon menu's? Maybe something in pure JavaScript? It should also work in the Outlook CRM Client...

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I was facing the same issue, the resolution is instead of using '<Menu Id=\"Sample.DynamicMenu\">', use '<Menu Id="Sample.DynamicMenu">' the difference is of not using escape character for "

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Removing the escape characters worked for creating the sub menu item, which is really great!!, but I still can't get the properties like 'CommandProperties.SourceControlId'. So I can't differentiate between the different buttons clicked. As a workaround I would have to add different CommandDefinitions for each FlyoutAnchor button. Do you also know how to get these properties? –  mdocter Feb 23 '12 at 12:57
Thank you for taking the time to answer my question! –  mdocter Feb 23 '12 at 13:28
I know it's a late answer, and probably figured it already out. You can set Id's for the buttons and then check the Id's –  Campl3r Sep 23 '13 at 9:26

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