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I'm using entity framewrok 4.3 in order to display tables from the database in a WPF DataGrid control.

I'm using generic in order to represent EntityObject. Some ObjectEntities hold related object and I want to display also the related objects properties.

This code I'm using returns QueryObject context.CreateObjectSet().Include("RelatedObjectTable")

This code display only the type of the related object. In the xaml, I'm using the DataGrid property AutoGenerateColumns ="True" and I want to keep this way.

How can I display the related object properties?


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AutoGenerateColumns will generate all the columns from your QueryObject. You can add additional columns from the related table this way:

        <DataGridTextColumn Header="RelatedProperty1" Binding="{Binding Path=RelatedObjectTable.Property1}" />
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Hi, thanks for the answer, I wanted to create a dynamic build of the Grid... so I don't know how can I add related instances... –  Guy Mar 14 '12 at 8:38
I would say Path=RelatedEntity.Property instead of RelatedObjectTable –  Alfonso Muñoz Sep 30 '12 at 13:41
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I solved this issue by using ASP.NET Dynamic Data Entities Web Application. It is a project that give a nice wizard to build a web project which reflect the database.

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