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My core plot graph consumes lot of memory. It crashes when I am plotting graph into a large frame. Every time I am recreating the graph by releasing graph object and it's host view. Also tried to remove plots added to the graph,

    for(CPTPlot* plot in [graphByCorePlot_ allPlots]) {
        plot.dataSource = nil;
        plot.delegate = nil;
        [plot deleteDataInIndexRange:NSMakeRange(0, plot.cachedDataCount)];
        [graphByCorePlot_ removePlot:plot];

Is it enough to release all the memory allocated by core plot?

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None of that should be necessary. You can update the graph by calling -reloadData on the graph to load new data for all plots. You can use the same method to update a single plot as well.

When you're done with the graph, remove it from the hosting view and release it if you have a retained reference to it.

If you're still having memory problems, use Instruments to check for leaks.

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