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How to pass model item to @Html.ActionLink text...

@Html.ActionLink( @item.GetLink(),"Controller", "Action" )

this isn't working, if i put it in " " it becomes string. Any ideas?

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@Html.ActionLink(item.GetLink(), "Action", "Controller")

(without @ character in first parameter, and swap action and controller)

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Adding to Evgeny Levin's answer, you could also download the MvcContrib library and strongly type your ActionLinks like so

@Html.ActionLink<Controller>(x=>x.Action(), item.GetLink())

I prefer this method over magic strings, and then in my solution configurations I create a new one that mimics Debug but has the value for MvcBuildViews set to true, and then when you compile, if you have any invalid Links to controller/action pairs, it throws a compiler error. Has saved me many times of pushing out code that doesn't pass required Action parameters

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If you use strongly typed ActionLink() method - it will not work correctly with [ActionName] attribute - you lose this extensibility point. Modern version of Resharper adds support of controller and action string parameters in ActionLink() method - autocomplete and highlight of correct/incorrect pairs of controller-action. – Evgeny Levin Feb 17 '12 at 14:12

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