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I need help with celery and python. I was able to configure celery after a lot of trouble. I got help from this link https://github.com/larsbutler/celery-examples I tried the example program and it ran fine as long as all the tasks.py, demo.py and celeryconfig.py were on the same folder. I transferred demo.py to some other folder and tried running it. It threw ImportError: Unable to import tasks module. I am using rabbitmq. I am not able to find more resources for python using celery.

I have two systems - Alice and Bravo. I want to access the function add residing in Alice from Bravo. I need help with the configuration of celery for this purpose. It is like client and server architecture.

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"I transferred demo.py to some other folder and tried running it."? Did you change the PYTHONPATH environment variable to include this "other folder"? –  S.Lott Feb 17 '12 at 10:51
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FYI, the OP contacted me directly last Friday (duplicate post? :P) and I was able to help him resolve the issue. I think we can consider this question resolved.

As S. Lott mentioned, the proper solution was to add the other folder (containing demo.py) to PYTHONPATH.

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