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I want to save some strings in a Session("myKey") as an ArrayList in my application.

So I have somthing like that:

Dim s As String = "String1"

If I use

Session("myKey") = s

it is working for the moment.

After PostBack I want to add another string to the session.

If do the same thing again, then i will overwrite my Sessiondata.

So I'm searching for something like this:

Dim s As String = "String1"
TryCast(Session("myKey"), ArrayList).Add(s)

In this case the Sessiondata would be stored correctly, but my code is not correct.

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I've tried and found a solution by myself;

Dim s As String = "String1"

  If Session("myKey") Is Nothing Then
        Session("myKey") = New ArrayList
  End If

TryCast(Session("myKey"), ArrayList).Add(s)

Don't know if it is the usual way, but it is working.

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You should be using 'List(Of String)' rather than ArrayList. ArrayList isn't officially deprecated, but using a strongly typed list is much better practice. – Zach Green Feb 17 '12 at 13:00

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