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I've been working on the Symfony 2 emails sending using Swiftmailer.

Here is my swiftmailer configuration in app/config/config.yml

 transport: gmail
 username:  myusername@gmail.com
 host:      smtp.gmail.com
 password:  mypassword

I have also configured my xampp localhost to send emails.

I have a form where user enters email addresses (max 5 emails) , Subject and Message. For first few tests on submitting the form the emails where sent. I also actually got emails. But after that i've been getting this error below repeatedly.

Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username "myusername@gmail.com" using 1 possible authenticators 500 Internal Server Error - Swift_TransportException

What is the problem over here? I also tried stopping my xampp and then re-starting it, but still the problem persists. Does any one know whats the problem here?

Thank You.

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As far as I remember host value is ignored, when transport is set to gmail. Regarding your issue, make sure that you are using latest version of SwiftMailer (v4.1.5), because there it has been fixed. From changelog:

  • prevented stream_socket_client() from generating an error and throw a Swift_TransportException instead

In general, if authentication fails, an Exception of type Swift_TransportException will be thrown.

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