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I removed Xcode 4.2 from my system and installed 4.3 from the App Store.

Now when I want to build my app in MonoDevelop it says

The Apple iPhone SDK is not installed.

Using Xcode I can build and run iOS apps just fine.

I tried reinstalling MonoTouch, but it will fail saying XCode is missing.

Any idea how to get this working again?

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Xcode 4.3 moved to a different directory, and MonoTouch can't find it anymore.

Yesterday we released a beta update that fixes this - just enable the beta channel in MonoDevelop (Preferences -> Updates) and then update to MonoDevelop ( and MonoTouch (5.2.5).

Once we've been able to test the changes a bit more, we'll release these packages to the stable channel.

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Very nice! Everything working as expected again. –  Timm Feb 17 '12 at 11:40
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