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$(function() {
        dateFormat: "dd-mm-yy",
        minDate: -0
    $(".minus").click(function() {
        var id = $(this).attr("id").substr(4);
        var value = parseInt($("#value_" + id).val());
        if (value == 0) return false;
        newval = parseInt(value) - 1;
        $("#value_" + id).val(newval)
    $(".plus").click(function() {
        var id = $(this).attr("id").substr(5);
        var value = parseInt($("#value_" + id).val());
        newval = parseInt(value) + 1;
        $("#value_" + id).val(newval)
    $(".value").keydown(function(event) {
        // Allow only backspace and delete
        if (event.keyCode == 46 || event.keyCode == 8) {
            // let it happen
        } else {
            // Ensure that it is a number and stop the keypress
            if (event.keyCode < 48 || event.keyCode > 57) {

This is my current code however its not working here is the following i want :
I have 20 input boxes - and + buttons all with a diffrent counter.
HTML example:

    <td><h4>Mozzarella met honing, tomaat en basilicum</h4></td>
    <td width="100" valign="top">EUR 3,75</td>
    <td width="150">
        <input type="hidden" name="naam_3" value="Kaas - Mozzarella met honing, tomaat en basilicum">
        <input type="hidden" name="prijs_3" value="3,75">
        <div class="minus" id="min_wit_3">-</div>
        <input type="text" class="value" id="value_wit_3" name="aantal_3_wit" value="0">
        <div class="plus" id="plus_wit_3">+</div>
        <div class="minus" id="min_bruin_3">-</div>
        <input type="text" class="value" id="value_bruin_3" name="aantal_3_bruin" value="0">
        <div class="plus" id="plus_bruin_3">+</div>

    <td width="100" valign="top">EUR 4,00</td>
    <td width="150">
        <input type="hidden" name="naam_4" value="Kaas - Boerenbrie">
        <input type="hidden" name="prijs_4" value="4">
        <div class="minus" id="min_wit_4">-</div>
        <input type="text" class="value" id="value_wit_4" name="aantal_4_wit" value="0">
        <div class="plus" id="plus_wit_4">+</div>
        <div class="minus" id="min_bruin_4">-</div>
        <input type="text" class="value" id="value_bruin_4" name="aantal_4_bruin" value="0">
        <div class="plus" id="plus_bruin_4">+</div>

Whenever i click the + button it has to be 1 and when i click it again it has to be 2 and so on.
When i click the - button it does the reverse but it can't go below 0.
Hopefully anyone knows the solution for this. < br />
So basically i need 1 code for multiple input boxes

Website : Try and press the + button nothing happens, while de script seems correct.

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Please only post the relevant sections of your code. Posting an unformatted wall of code is not really making it easy for people to help you. – Rory McCrossan Feb 17 '12 at 10:51
@Scoobler if I could rep you for that, I would. – Rory McCrossan Feb 17 '12 at 10:54
Also, try to be more specific. What are you trying to do that you can't? Don't expect people just do everything for you. A would be great, as well. – Alex Figueiredo Feb 17 '12 at 10:54
I used , i made a code for it however this is just for 1 id. Here is the live code: the problem is when i press the + button it doesn't go up while the script seems to be functioning. – Niek Eichner Feb 17 '12 at 12:35
@RoryMcCrossan NP, I find it quicker to format the code and read through it than I do to try and read the code un-formatted! – Scoobler Feb 17 '12 at 14:03

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The code posted in the question, works - the reason the script isn't working here is due to the datepicker.

Check the code here with the datepicker removed.
Check the code as posted here doesn't work with the datepicker.
Check the code working with the datepicker here Note the added resources (on the left, click manage resources).

On your site, you have included two versions of jQuery UI 1.7.2 and 1.8.14 (lines 36 and 37) this could have caused a conflict and can break the javascript.

There is another error on your site which could also be breaking things:
Error: $("ul.sf-menu").supersubs is not a function
Source File:
Line: 1

A tip for finding breaks in your code, use the browsers console where possible.
If you are using Google Chrome, IE9 press F12 or Firefox with the web developer extension press CTRL+SHIFT+J

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You need to add a condition to your $(".minus") click handler to check if it would make the value less than zero.

$(".minus").click(function() {
    var id = $(this).attr("id").substr(4);
    var value = parseInt($("#value_"+id).val());

    if (value == 0) 
        return false;

    newval = parseInt(value) - 1;
    if (newval < 0)
        newval = 0;

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This just solves the negative amounts, thanks for that though. – Niek Eichner Feb 17 '12 at 12:37

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