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<nav id="gallery">
    <a><img src="images/ThumbImages/thumb_1.jpg" id="1"/></a>
    <a><img src="images/ThumbImages/thumb_2.jpg" id="2" /></a>
    <a><img src="images/ThumbImages/thumb_3.jpg" id="3"/></a>
    <a><img src="images/ThumbImages/thumb_4.jpg" id="4"/></a>
    <a><img src="images/ThumbImages/thumb_5.jpg" id="5"/></a>
    <a><img src="images/ThumbImages/thumb_6.jpg" id="6"/></a>
    <a><img src="images/ThumbImages/thumb_7.jpg" id="7"/></a>
    <a><img src="images/ThumbImages/thumb_8.jpg" id="8"/></a>
    <a><img src="images/ThumbImages/thumb_9.jpg" id="9"/></a>
    <a><img src="images/ThumbImages/thumb_10.jpg" id="10"/></a>

Trying to retrieve like this :

jQuery :

var elem = $("#gallery");

But, during debugging it says that the elem length is 1.

How do I retrieve all the images in elem?

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With the following code:

var elemImgs = $("#gallery img");

$('#gallery') only has a length of 1 because you specifically asked for the #gallery node itself and not it's children.

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var elem = $("#gallery img");

will give you all images inside element with id gallery.

You can use each() to iterate over all images also:

  // do something with each image

Have a look at documentation to learn more about selectors if you want :)

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$("nav#gallery  a").each(function(){
  // anchor text
  // image src
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