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In the ADF-Test adf.test from the tseries package the t-statistic for a first order autoregressive coefficient equals one is computed and can be accessed via statistic.

Is there any possibility of extracting the original coefficient that was used in the t-test?

If this is not possible how can I use a different implementation of the ADF-test to access this information there?

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You can look at the code of the adf.test function: the coefficients are apparently not kept, but you can easily compute them yourself. There are many other implementations; you can check if they return more information:

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That function returns a htest object which is just a list:

res <- adf.test(...
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Thank you, so that gives me the t-statistic - but how do I get the original coefficient that what used for the t-test? – vonjd Feb 17 '12 at 11:23

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