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I am mixing audio using SOX.

the command SOX -m voice.wav audio.wav final.wav is what I am using.

My goal is to delay the voice.wav of 10 second, if I try to use delay 10.0 then I have double voice.

How to get right?

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There are a couple of options:

sox -M f2.wav f3.wav f1.wav out.wav delay 4 4 8 8 remix 1,3,5 2,4,6    

(assuming stereo), or

sox -m f1.wav "|sox f2.wav -p pad 4" "|sox f3.wav -p pad 8" out.wav     

The second way is probably better since it works with files with any number of channels.

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sox voice.wav pad 10 0

sox -m voice.wav audio.wav final.wav

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I already solved the problem time ago with your similar code, but I vote you as no many developers answer questions after one month !!! –  Giuseppe Mar 31 '12 at 15:08

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