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I am building an app that needs to know if a track is playable in the user's region.

It's easy to check the basic territorial restrictions of a track using the Metadata API. However, I am encountering tracks that the Metadata API says are out of my region, but are auto-linked to versions of the same track that aren't region locked. ie. Metadata says I can't play a track, but as far as the user is concerned, Spotify can play that track.

Here's an example:

'Sweet Unrest' by Apparat @ spotify:track:4H4h3ulzjGVox14GHiCEoo

I am in the UK (territory code GB)

The lookup link is http://ws.spotify.com/lookup/1/.json?uri=spotify:track:4H4h3ulzjGVox14GHiCEoo

There is no GB code in the resulting territories string, so in theory, I should not be able to play the track. However, in the main Spotify player, I can see that it is auto linked to spotify:track:11S6TQybYumAnNApugZWSJ which is playable in my region. If I paste the supposedly unplayable track's URI into the top left Spotify search box, it plays.

Is there an API based way to check for tracks like this?

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Unfortunately not, not at this time. The linking is actually done by the client itself rather than any of our backend services, so none of our APIs have this information.

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OK, thanks. There isn't an API player event which fires if a track is unplayable, is there? – Paul Feb 17 '12 at 12:46
In the Spotify Apps API? You could add an observer for models.EVENT.CHANGE on the player then watch the playing property, I guess. Seems a bit hacky, mind. – iKenndac Feb 17 '12 at 13:17
Yeah, at that point I start a 2 second timer (to allow for network lag), if it isn't playing when the time is up, I assume it has failed and move on. Also, the player sometimes fails on legit tracks that have worked a few minutes before (Spotify pops up a 'Track Not Found' yellow status bar message). Would be nice to have a failed event with some sort of description or error code attached – Paul Feb 17 '12 at 13:54

You can detect whether a track is playable or not using an undocumented property of each track: data.availableForPlayback

Track.fromURI("spotify:track:XXX", function(track) {

If you run the code above, you should get a True/False that does what you're after.

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Cannot find track.data.availableForPlayback. However, there is a property track.available which seems to provide the same information. – mrydengren Dec 21 '12 at 17:20

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