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I use MGTwitterEngine library in my Cocoa application to allow sending tweets.

Here's my code:

    NSString *username = MyName;
    NSString *password = MyPass;

    NSString *consumerKey = ConsumerKey;;
    NSString *consumerSecret = ConsumerSecret;

    // Most API calls require a name and password to be set...
    if (! username || ! password || !consumerKey || !consumerSecret) {
        NSLog(@"You forgot to specify your username/password/key/secret in AppController.m, things might not work!");
        NSLog(@"And if things are mysteriously working without the username/password, it's because NSURLConnection is using a session cookie from another connection.");

    // Create a TwitterEngine and set our login details.
    twitterEngine = [[MGTwitterEngine alloc] initWithDelegate:self];
    [twitterEngine setUsesSecureConnection:NO];
    [twitterEngine setConsumerKey:consumerKey secret:consumerSecret];

    [twitterEngine setUsername:username password:password];

    OAToken *token = [[OAToken alloc] initWithKey:tokenKey
    [twitterEngine setAccessToken:token];
    [twitterEngine sendUpdate:@"twitter post"];

It builds without any errors. When I run my app this occurs in output:

[Switching to process 1853 thread 0x0] Catchpoint 3 (throw) 2012-02-17 17:07:57.790 Dreamer[1853:1203] MGTwitterEngine: finalURL = http://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/update.xml

2012-02-17 17:07:57.791 Dreamer[1853:1203] MGTwitterEngine: finalBody = status=twitter%20post

[Switching to process 1853 thread 0x620b] 2012-02-17 18:30:38.491 Dreamer[2067:1203] Request failed for connectionIdentifier = DAAC2B20-91B6-49A6-90CA-4FD0606DA2FB, error = The operation couldn’t be completed. (HTTP error 401.) ({ body = "\n\n Read-only application cannot POST\n /1/statuses/update.xml\n\n"; response = ""; })

And no tweets appear in Twitter.

I registered the application on dev.twitter.com and put access as Read, Write and Access direct messages

Where the problem may be?

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Issue solved.

If someone will face the same problem then regenerate your access token key after access changing

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