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I have already posted a question at

2 WARs in maven EAR build

But didnt get any valid response . So i am clarifying the question one again ...

I have

  • my.war ..... a war project (that i made in IDE and have full source code and war file for that)
  • external.war .... an external War (just the war file)

I want to make an ear that contains both the above wars using maven. For either war i have to specify context roots.

I have to share the checked in repository of the final project. So i cant just add the war in the local repository of maven and add respective dependency using pom.

I tried using the multi module project in maven . But it doesnt help. It doesnt pick the external war ( or i dont know how to do it ).

Can anyone suggest ANY method how to go about it. Someone suggested maven-ant task. But i dont know anything about it. Even that suggestion will be okay if it serves the purpose. But it had to be called using maven.

Please help ... Thanks !!!

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possible duplicate of 2 WARs in maven EAR build –  Mark O'Connor Feb 17 '12 at 15:36
Don't post the same question twice. Clarifications should be added to the original posting –  Mark O'Connor Feb 17 '12 at 15:37

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