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I need to list all of the activities delivered in a baseline but need any deliver and rebase activities expanded.

I have tried a script to read the lines and do an "lsact -contrib" but some of the deliveries contain nested deliveries and I have become confused. It would be useful if I could also have the date of the activity as well.

I have tried experimenting with "-fmt" but with disappointing results.

The reason is that the management want to identify all activities in a baseline that contain a keyword. Currently this fails if the activity is part of a deliver oporation.

Has anyone come across a simliar requirement and if so how have they resolved it?

IBM have come up with big fat Zero, so I am looking to you gurus and wizards to give me inspiration.

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No I didn't see that kind of requirement before.

Note that if an activity is part of a deliver, you will end up with a "deliver.xxx" activity in the destination Stream, with only one comment associated with that deliver (losing all the comments associated with the initial activities delivered)

So you need indeed to use lsact -contrib, following the technote "swg21136012: Activities delivered since the last baseline"

run the following command to determine what activities have been delivered since the baselines creation:

%> cleartool diffbl -activities baseline:REL1.3.117 stream:integration_stream@/vobstore/pvob deliver.development_steam.20010824.08050

>> deliver.development_steam.20010824.080503 "deliver development_steam on 08/24/01 08:05:03."
>> deliver.development_steam.20010824.080802 "deliver development_steam on 08/24/01 08:08:02."
>> ...

The above output will display the integration activities associated with the deliver operations to that stream.

If you would like to obtain a list of contributing activities for the associated integration activities, the following command can be issued for each integration activity respectively:


%> cleartool lsact -contrib activity:deliver.development_steam.20010824.080503@/vobstore/pvob 

Combining that with fmt_ccase (the -fmt option you mentioned) will allow you, for each activity, to display only what is of interest (the Activity id and its comment, in order to grep for your keyword).

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