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I used the PivotViewer V1, created a server, which sends CXML, DZC, DZI and the image tiles to the client. Everything works just fine for PivotViewer V1.

Now I want to switch to V2 of the PivotViewer. To get started I downloaded the CXML example here ("HELLO OLD WORLD!"). When I ran the example without any modification to the code, all the meta is loaded but there are no pictures anyway:

No images are displayed within the pivotviewer

As I took a look at the source I see that a CXML from is loaded. So I set up my Fiddler. As expected, there is that CXML request, but still no request to any DZC, DZI or ImageTile:

There is no request for any images

As I inspect the object structure of the PivotViewerItems generated by the CXML parser, I was wondering about, why the tile count is equal to zero:

Tilecount == 0? Why?

I also tried with my own collection (which, works for PivotViewer V1), without any success.

Any idea what to do?

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What does your code behind look like when you are mapping the CxmlCollectionSource to the PV? Here is another sample for you to compare against:

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Example at doesn't work either. Code's the same everywhere. – GameScripting Feb 18 '12 at 16:13
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I randomly got the solution, by testing some other stuff... I was using "C:\Users\Daniel Huhn\SL5Test\Bin\Debug\SL5TestPage.html" as my HTML page to host the site.

After using a ASP.NET web Project to host the App (http://localhost:5453/SL5TestPage.aspx), all images are displayed :)

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