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At first, I only want to use install feedparser with python3.2, while it need Distribute. When I install Distribute with

python3.2 setup.py install

I got

File "/usr/local/lib/python3.2/zipfile.py", line 687, in __init__
"Compression requires the (missing) zlib module")
RuntimeError: Compression requires the (missing) zlib module

Then I downloaded zlib and installed it with

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/python3.2
sudo make install

After the installation, and tried to install Distribute, I got the same error.

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Finally, I solved it by re-install python3.2 with zlib.

1 Of course, you need to install zlib first. and you can find zlib.h in /usr/include


./configure -with-zlib=/usr/include
sudo make install

from http://www.1stbyte.com/2005/06/26/configure-and-compile-python-with-zlib/

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