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I have extracted the pagination from this site This is my table. enter image description here

I have delete link which delete that record from the table.

This is my coding.

<div class="table">
                    <table id="theTable" class="paginate-2 max-pages-7">
                                    <th width="460" align="left">User Name</th>
                                    <th width="78">View</th>
                                    <th width="74">Edit</th>
                                    <th width="74" class="last">Delete</th>
                            $searchquery = "WHERE `varName` OR `varEmail` LIKE '%$find%'";
<?php }
$select_user="SELECT * FROM `tbl_user`".$searchquery;

                                    <td><?php echo $fetchusername;?></td>
                                    <td align="center"><a href="user_detail.php?id=<?php echo $fetchuserid;?>">View</a></td>
                                    <td align="center"><a href="edit_user.php?id=<?php echo $fetchuserid;?>">Edit</a></td>
                                    <td align="center" class="last" onclick="return confirm('Are you sure to delete this user?') ;"><a href="delete_user.php?id=<?php echo $fetchuserid;?>">Delete</a></td>





<td colspan="4" class="last" align="center"><?php echo "No such records found";?></td>



The issue is if i am in the third page and delete the record in the third page the pagination automatically displays the first page as the active one. But i need the third page should be the active page after delete the record in that page. How can i do that?

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I suspect the onclick of the table cell that has a link in it. – mplungjan Feb 17 '12 at 12:23
I am new to javascript and php. Kindly provide an elaborate answer. – designersvsoft Feb 17 '12 at 13:31
I suggest you set up a Test page we can look at. I cannot find any issues by eyeballing your code – mplungjan Feb 18 '12 at 5:43

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