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I am trying to learn MVC. I want to automatically generate the required view code as and when I add a controller. This is possible if I select the option “Controller with read/write actions and views, using Entity Framework” . However I am not using Entity Framework. How can I achieve the similar behavior without using Entity Framework? And why it is unable to automatically generate the view when I don’t use Entity Framework?

Also, is there any good MVC3 tutorial that does not use Entity Framework (with code download available) ?


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Don't lose your time, create 4-5 empty controller actions and empty views manually. Automatic code generation is bonus, that allow us work faster. Is it only mean, but not goal. –  Evgeny Levin Feb 17 '12 at 12:52
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You might find some of what you're looking for in Steve Sanderson's MvcScaffolding package


Install-Package MvcScaffolding

After installing (it will probably install some EF requirements) you could scaffold basic CRUD views for your model as follows assuming a model type MySweetModel

Scaffold Views MySweetModel

Please note this command will not create the controller class, but should create the following views under /Views/MySweetModel

  • _CreateOrEdit.cshtml
  • Create.cshtml
  • Delete.cshtml
  • Details.cshtml
  • Edit.cshtml
  • Index.cshtml

It looks like you might be able to override the default T4 templates, but I've never used MvcScaffolding outside the scope of EF. It's also possible someone has already done this for your persistence layer e.g. NHibernate or whatever you're using. I'd search a bit before implementing your own templates.

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