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In Yii multimodel form we just used actionCreate() to create the form of two models in a single view.Ok everything is fine upto here.But when we will update the two models in a single view of multimodel how the models will be defined here? Let me give you one example.Just think the database is just like this

 === Project ===

  === Task ===

So In actionCreate() of the project controller,the code will be something like this

    public function actionCreate()
    $model=new Projects;
    $tasks=new Projects;

    // Uncomment the following line if AJAX validation is needed
    // $this->performAjaxValidation($model);
    if (isset($_POST['Projects'],$_POST['Tasks']))
      $model->attributes = $_POST['Projects'];
      $tasks->attributes = $_POST['Tasks'];
      $valid = $model->validate();
      $valid = $tasks->validate();

Now here the both models are ready for create. So what to do in actionView() and actionUpdate()?How to declare the both models?Any help and suggestions will be highly appriciable.

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Is this really different? When loading view / update you'll just need to have ID's in GET which tells you which models to load. Models will then be Projects::model()->findByPk($myId) if using ActiveRecord. When updating you can assign attributes as you do with create, but make sure the model is loaded from the database first.

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You didn't create any object for Task model.

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