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I put together a quick script for a collapsing menu and used $(location).attr('pathname') to match the menu item with the current page and set a class to it. Only problem seems to be that certain pathnames don't play well with the .siblings('ul').hide() part.

I did it this way to avoid having a flash where all menu items close and then the matching menu quickly reopens. But I'm noticing that on pages with pathnames like page-number-two and page-number-four, the menu items for those pages don't slide open. They do, however, get the 'current' class applied.

So, a couple questions.

  1. Is it likely the dashes are causing the string to evaluate incorrectly or is it more likely just arbitrarily closing the active menu because of the way I chained it together? P.S. Here's a fiddle where I removed the siblings chain and hid the menus from a standalone call, but because of the nature of the URL, it can't actually work. http://jsfiddle.net/contendia/ddXBU/

  2. As an aside, is there any XSS vulnerability to using the pathname this way? Should I sanitize it, and if so how?

    $(document).ready(function() {
     // Get the URI path and strip the leading slash
     var path = $(location).attr('pathname').replace(/\//, ""); 
     // Get and append the querystring
     path += $(location).attr('search');  
     // Go up 2 levels (a > li > ul) and open. Hide all others.
     $('#leftmenu a[href="' + path + '"]').addClass('current').parent().parent().slideDown().siblings('ul').hide();
    $('#leftmenu h3').click( 
        function() {
            var $this = $(this);
     <div id="leftmenu">
     <h3>First Menu</h3>
        <li><a href="page_number_one">Underscores</a></li>
        <li><a href="page-number-two">Hyphens</a></li>
     <h3>Second Menu</h3>
       <li><a href="page_number_three">Underscores</a></li>
       <li><a href="page-number-four">Hyphens</a></li>
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