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Is there any difference in using Generic HttpHandler(ashx) instead of normal aspx Page for returning daynamic Images as stream. Every tutorial that I have read about serving dynamic files uses generic handler but I can't seem to find any comparasion article between those two. Can someone explain why it is good to use Generic handler instead of Page Handler for this task?


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An ASPX page is already a generic handler as it implements IHttpHandler interface. It's just that it contains lots of code that's absolutely unnecessary when all you need is to generate a dynamic image. So implementing a custom handler will be faster in terms of performance.

Just look at a typical WebForm page lifecycle (ASPX):

enter image description here

All this is useless when all you need is to generate a dynamic image. All you care about is the ProcessRequest method and write directly to the response stream.

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Thanks for clarification.Bet that the performance jump is really noticable! –  formatc Feb 17 '12 at 13:04

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