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I'm trying to query every object which the user has liked since joining facebook by running this query: SELECT user_id, object_id, post_id FROM like WHERE user_id=me()

This query runs fine and returns some results, but the number of them is a lot less than I estimated. I tried it on different, real user accounts, and for a friend of mine who has joined facebook around 2006 the number of returned results is still only around 65.

I tried this query through the official javascript sdk and through the graph api explorer which gave identical results.

The documentation ( doesn't state any limit imposed upon querying the like table.

Is there anything I should be aware when doing a query on this table?

Thank you very much!

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According to this documentation :

Each query of the stream table is limited to the previous 30 days or 50 posts, whichever is greater, however you can use time-specific fields such as created_time along with FQL operators (such as < or >) to retrieve a much greater range of posts.

Although not explicitly mentioned in the doucmentation for likes, I guess this will be the same limit. So try to add created_time in a where clause.

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