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In my .NET application I have an XmlWriterTraceListener, is there any thing in .NET that already aids in reading these files as enumerated models?

I haven't found anything yet and am thinking I'll just need to open the file as read only with a object shared for read and writing so I don't lock the file for further logging then use linq to XML or an XML Reader to read the elements.

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I think you will have to get your hands dirty with LINQ to XML or with Microsoft's LogParser. It's a free tool and it can be integrated with your applications. It has a nice SQL-like language for extracting information.

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Thank you for the input Huske. I figured I would have to and that was my plan. Just wondering if the internet world knew something I hadn't found yet to make it easier. –  hype8912 Feb 17 '12 at 13:44

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