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I have a web application running on websphere application server 8 (WAS). In web.xml i have:


Then when i deploy my app on WAS - It loads all my ctx files by urls with prefix "wsjar:file..." that is good.

But when in my working app i try to use object of my application context to load resources like this:


It's throws exception that url incorrect - but if i add preffix "wsjar:", like this:


It works well. But i need to create universal system to load resources on different app servers, and servlets containers. In tomcat prefix not needed.

How can i load resources in my app on WAS in the same way as ContextLoader via ContextLoaderListener load my ctx files without preffix "wsjar:"?

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When i use full package names i have no problems with IBM WAS. Like this:


I didn't try using asteriks for pointing multiple files. Maybe listing all individuals files can work for you.

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Try something like this.

        ApplicationContext appContext = 
       new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext(new String[] {"If-you-have-any.xml"});

    Resource resource = 
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The problem is that "Resource resource = appContext.getResource("classpath*:by/example/**/I-*.sql");" IS NOT WORKING ON WAS –  Pavel Glushchenko Feb 17 '12 at 13:46

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