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I am trying to use this UrlHelper extension method:

public static string ToPublicUrl(this UrlHelper urlHelper, Uri relativeUri)
    var httpContext = urlHelper.RequestContext.HttpContext;

    var uriBuilder = new UriBuilder
           Host = httpContext.Request.Url.Host,
           Path = "/",
           Port = 80,
           Scheme = "http",

    if (httpContext.Request.IsLocal)
        uriBuilder.Port = httpContext.Request.Url.Port;

    return new Uri(uriBuilder.Uri, relativeUri).AbsoluteUri;

This methd takes a relative Uri as a parameter. I am trying to call this method within a controller action and I cannot figure out how to get a relative Uri for the current Action

Can someone point me in the right direction?

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You can get the relative path based on a specific action name using:

urlHelper.Action("someActionName" /*, "someControllerName" */);

And you can get the someActionName, and someControllerName values for the current action using:

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Updated answer to answer the question more directly. –  M.Babcock Feb 17 '12 at 13:59

Use the MakeRelativeUri method

Uri result= uriBuilder.Uri.MakeRelativeUri(relativeUri);
return result.ToString()
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What am I passing into the MakeRelativeUri method as a param? –  stephen776 Feb 17 '12 at 13:44

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