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I would like to, especially in a debug build config for example, like to have views and partial views emit their file names into the mark-up that they render. Is there some easily available view property I can use? Or would I have to override something like the View method in a derived controller to push this data into the view as it's being rendered?

Aside: At present I derive all my view models from ViewModelBase, so this may be one vector of getting this information to the rendered HTML, but I don't know where to start.

EDIT: James's answer below is perfect in telling me where to get the information, and how to render it, but I would appreciate some suggestions on how to incorporate this information in all views and partials. I realize I will probably have to resort to some low level framework coding, such as adding an overload of RenderPartial that renders a container element that I can tag the view name onto, such as in my first pass solution of doing the following in my master layout and views:


<section id="main" data-viewname="@(ViewBag.BodyViewName)">


    ViewBag.BodyViewName = this.VirtualPath;
    ViewBag.Title = "My Courses";
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You can use the VirtualPath property that is a member of the WebPageBase class that represents a razor page. Inside of your view or partial view you can access this class and display its property like so:



For the aspx view engine you can use this:

<% this.AppRelativeVirtualPath %>
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Great, thanks. Now I can add a data-viewname attribute to all my views and partials. Helps when debugging between browser and IDE. Any suggestions on how I could implement this? –  ProfK Feb 18 '12 at 5:49

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