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I have a quick question regarding Soy template syntax and parsing an object. So I have an object I would like to conditionally print that looks like this:

{'paragraph':'Some important text that you want printed.'},

I was wondering how I could test against the first argument of 'paragraph'. I would like to conditionally call a subtemplate based on that parameter. For example

{'list':['item 1', 'item 2']}

I would like to try and do something like this:

  * Prints the text object specified.
  * @param textToPrint All of the items you want rendered on the page.
 {template .printText}
    {foreach $textItem in textToPrint}
      {if $textItem[0] is 'paragraph'}          //THIS IS THE LINE IN QUESTION
         {call .paragraph}
            {param paragraph: $textItem[0] /}
         {call .list}
            {param listItem: $textItem[0] /}

Does anyone know the syntax to accomplish something like this? Thanks!

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Ok it should something like this I guess :

{if $textItem  == 'paragraph'}
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