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I'm trying to figure out what the best way to handle a JSON object that I need to post/get when the document is ready so I can then run over another function that builds out the DOM based on said JSON object. This object is also something that updates every 30 seconds to a minute.

My initial thought was to build it out as a closure. IE:

var myJSONobject = $.post(uri, function(data){return data;});

however the function I run when the for document ready, and functions I base on click events don't recognize the object as being valid. It returns a JSON object, and I've used jsonlint.com to confirm that the object format is valid. So I am thinking its in how I am handling the string of events. Where the object though it may be legit is being rendered after the document ready thus breaking the functionality in a sense. Cause if I take the same object it spits out and hardcode it in as a variable. the code ive been working on works fine. So now I am trying to figure out whats my best approach to handling this so one, my script doesnt break prematurely. and two find out if trying to adapt this as a closure the way I am is the right way? Whats a good practice logic in this type of senario? Should I load the JSON object into a hidden div somewhere or text area and pharse it through that or I dunno.

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Your AJAX request returns a JSON object and your callback function returns a JSON object, but your myJSONobject variable doesn't ever contain that JSON object. –  Anthony Grist Feb 17 '12 at 14:31
Why are you using POST at this stage? - you're not submitting a form. –  Diodeus Feb 17 '12 at 14:31
post/get either way. This is only part of the process for this particular JSON object. The original logic was just have it post/get the Object I need as it would be rebuilding itself every 30-60 seconds via polling for new data. I suppose I could have the inital object render with the page then have it recreate with every poll of the object as I am ultimately looking to do. –  chris Feb 17 '12 at 23:12

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$.post function does not actually return the return value of the success function, so you cannot just assign myJSONobject to it.

What you really want to do is

var myJSONobject;
$.post(uri, function(data){
    myJSONobject = data;
    // OR work with data here

// You cannot use myJSONobject right away

But be careful, you can't access myJSONobject right after calling $.post, you need to wait until the ajax call succeded.

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I tried similar prior, though the way your doing it make sense, but what I was going to ask is one way I tried prior was chaining .complete() to the .post(), so I could fire off the function I want to work with the data in this particular part of it. –  chris Feb 17 '12 at 20:06

If you need the Object right away before document.ready, use the jsonp technology, and load that script inside documents <head>. Or better load it at the end of the <body>, and the scripts that need it right after it.

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