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I need to change template of confirmation email in FOSUserBundle. I have this settings, but it doesn't work:

    db_driver: orm
    firewall_name: main
    user_class: Acme\UserBundle\Entity\User
            enabled:    true
            template: AcmeUserBundle:User:confirm.email.twig

Error is:

Unrecognized options "email" under "fos_user.registration"
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It should be noted that, as of 2013-06-11, this is not explained in their docs (github.com/FriendsOfSymfony/FOSUserBundle/blob/master/Resources/…), and the code above is what I tried, too, extrapolating from their sample on how to alter the template for password reset emails. –  Hanno Fietz Jun 11 '13 at 12:00

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Do you mean confirmation email template?

        enabled:    true
        template:   MgpAppBundle:Registration:email.txt.twig
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Thanks, that was helpful. Did you read source, or did you find docs on that? Or did you just try-and-error it out? –  Hanno Fietz Jun 11 '13 at 12:01
@HannoFietz don't remember, but usually I look at the source of configuration. –  meze Jun 11 '13 at 12:08
Seems like the docs are wrong? Their example is as the OP suggested. Very frustrating. –  Martin Lyne Jan 29 at 15:06
@MartinLyne You can check the configuration builder. Only resetting has email options. –  meze Jan 30 at 9:36
@meze interesting thanks. Still, seems to me that the docs should show an example of both methods if there are 2. Instead of/As well as showing the only example that's different to all the others –  Martin Lyne Jan 30 at 11:41

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