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I have a .Net 3.5 web service that installs perfectly on my old XP box. I recently got a beautiful new Windows 7 box and everything has been working wonderfully. Yesterday I remembered that I need to instal this service on my new box and attempted to perform the install.

After the install I did a quick test and it seemed to be working correctly. Later in the day, I went into the config file and made a small change. After restarting the service I was dismayed to discover that the change was NOT being picked up by the service and it continued to use the old values.

Can someone explain how this is possible? I am totally befuddled here.

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You've most likely been a "victim" of Windows Backward Compatibility (aka UAC Data Redirection).

When a program running as non-admin tries to write to config files located in Program Files, Windows redirects the write to another (user local) directory. That means, a user can seemingly write the file, but another user will see the original, Program Files, version.

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I opened UltraEdit as Administrator and all of a sudden I was seeing to original values. I changed the value and saved and it's working properly now. Thank you so much! –  wcm Feb 17 '12 at 15:21

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