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We have several web services that are SOAP-based but we've been slowly converting them to a RESTful style. New services will be RESTful only.

I need to integrate a BPEL workflow engine into our system that supports both.

What is the current state of support for invoking RESTful services from BPEL workflow engines like ODE, Riftsaw, or Intalio BPMS?

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Do you think you can find the needed information in stackoverflow.com/questions/8194482/… ? –  vanto Feb 21 '12 at 12:42

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Intalio|BPMS supports REST binding for REST services. Intalio|BPMS Designer goes as far as providing you with a nice editor to create the WSDL and map the REST service, so the WSDL generation is a non-issue.

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