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In a PowerShell script, I need to determine whether a .NET method call is actually returning the correct type of object, or at least a compatible type. How can I do this?

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Something like this:

$a -is [string]

Or you can use GetType() and see whether the type is what you want.

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Too simple! "is" is a hard one to search for... –  Jay Sullivan Feb 17 '12 at 15:12
@JaySullivan "powershell is operator" are great terms for it. –  jpmc26 Mar 13 at 5:26
@jpmc26: Well yes, it is now, because when I search "powershell is operator" on Google, this Stackoverflow question is the first result. None of the other search results are relevant. –  Jay Sullivan Mar 13 at 15:41

$yourObject.pstypenames will return the complete inheritance chain.

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