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I have a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame with 120 Polygons and some associated data. Now I’d like to extract the mean of the values on a raster within each polygon separately. I succeded in plotting individual polygons with:


But it did not work to extract the values in the same manner:

extract(raster, SpatialPolygons(SPdataframe@polygons)[i],fun="mean",na.rm=TRUE,method="simple")

Can anyone explain the difference between the use of the same indexation in this two cases? What is the official way to choose particular polygons of a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame with indices?

Thank you a lot for your help in advance!

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The correct indexation for single polygons of a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame is: SPdataframe[i,] (Merci to R-sig_geos user Rafael Wüest)

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