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this is the error I'm getting:

 % rake gems:install
rake/rdoctask is deprecated.  Use rdoc/task instead (in RDoc 2.4.2+)
gem install deep_cloning --source https://DerNalia@github.com/DerNalia/deep_cloning.git
ERROR:  Could not find a valid gem 'deep_cloning' (>= 0) in any repository
ERROR:  While executing gem ... (Gem::RemoteFetcher::FetchError)
    bad response Not Found 404 (https://DerNalia@github.com/DerNalia/deep_cloning.git/latest_specs.4.8.gz)

Obviously, I can't specify latest_specs at that URL in my code, as github urls organize thing in blobs...

This is how I'm trying to include the gem in my environment.rb file

  config.gem "deep_cloning",:source => "https://DerNalia@github.com/DerNalia/deep_cloning.git"

now, in bundler, it would be:

gem "deep_cloning", :git => "git://github.com/DerNalia/deep_cloning.git"

(which works)

But i'm using Rails 2.3.8, and one of the gems (attr_encrypted) doesn't work with bundler, so I am forced to use config.gem's for all of the gems...

How do I modify my config.gem line such that rake gems:install will download the .gem file from my github repository??

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config.gem doesn't know how do that - fetching gems from a git repo is a bundler specific thing –  Frederick Cheung Feb 17 '12 at 16:29
oh. well that's disappointing. silly config.gem >_< –  NullVoxPopuli Feb 17 '12 at 16:32

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