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I want to build two different APK's from my Android application. The differance between the two are images in the res/drawable directory. I know that it is possible to use a different set of resources during runtime depending on language settings, hardware or other, but how to do it compiletime? (is it possible to specify another directory then res/drawable?)

(currently, i'm copying/replacing all resources each time i want to build a new version)

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Sound like you need to use Ant build tools.

Create in your project a custom folder that contains to different assets folders for each APK, then, use ANT build with a proper configuration file that u need to create to build the project with the appropriate assets and files before it's beening compiled.

Good luck!


Here is a tutorial for using the Ant build tool with android: Android Ant build tutorial

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Perhaps you should use the assets? I find a link that talks about the resources and assets!: here

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One possibility could be to use 2 different library project and put in these project your images / values. you would have to change the properties of the project each time you need to compile with another library project

It's a bit inconvenient but would work...

Hope it helps

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