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How do I fix the compiler error 'receiver' is unavailable: this system field has retaining ownership in line 3 below?

UIKIT_STATIC_INLINE void sample_drawRect(id self, SEL _cmd, CGRect rect) {
    struct objc_super super;
    super.receiver = self;
    super.super_class = class_getSuperclass([self class]);
    objc_msgSendSuper(&super, @selector(drawRect:));
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What happens if you use malloc and a pointer to a struct objc_super? –  Richard J. Ross III Feb 17 '12 at 15:42

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With ARC, C-Structs can't store pointers to Objective-C objects.

Have you tried a bridging cast, like this?

super.receiver = (__bridge void*)self;
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Use objective-c++ instead of objective-c (.mm file).

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