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You can replicate the bug here:

For some reason, the following event will fire only if the user's cursor is over a marker, but I have seen it work properly elsewhere, and I'm not sure what's messing things up on my site:

GEvent.addListener(map, 'singlerightclick', function(latLng, src, overlay) {

Thanks for any help you can give.

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Please edit the title: it's non-descriptive and presumptuous... – Mauricio Scheffer Jun 1 '09 at 0:04

Your code looks right, and when I visit the URL you give (I've tried only with Google Chrome) and right-click at any spot, a marker appears with relevant information. What misbehavior am I supposed to observe (or fail to observe) and on what browser?

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Works just fine here as well. – Aistina Jun 1 '09 at 10:08
Works with Chrome, Firefox, IE6/7/8. Fails in Opera - but that's expected because Opera doesn't allow scripts to receive right clicks. – Rene Saarsoo Jun 1 '09 at 17:47
I just confirmed it also works with Safari on my Mac. @Andrew, can you at all clarify the issue...? – Alex Martelli Jun 1 '09 at 19:03

Seems to be a bug in firefox on Mac. See details here -

I hope there is a solution soon.

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