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I have the following string: a:2:{s:4:"user";b:1;s:6:"userid";s:2:"48";}

What I need to do is extract number 48 from it, in this case. This number could have any number of digits. How would I go about doing this?

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It looks like you are facing a serialized strings. So, instead of trying to get that number using regular expression or any other string manipulation methods, try this:

$myVar = unserialize('a:2:{s:4:"user";b:1;s:6:"userid";s:2:"48";}');
$myNumber = $myVar['userid'];

Learn about PHP serialization here:

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Thanks (and to all of the responses below), this is exactly what I need. Thanks for the links as well. – GTCrais Feb 17 '12 at 16:26
@GTCrais I'm glad I helped you. Can you please accept my answer? I see you are new here, you have not accepted any answer to all your questions. See here: – lorenzo-s Feb 17 '12 at 16:42

What exactly are you trying to achieve? That string looks like a serialize()d one, so your best bet would be to unserialize() it

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It looks like serialized string.

$data = unserialize('a:2:{s:4:"user";b:1;s:6:"userid";s:2:"48";}');
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Looks like that's a serialized associative array. You just need to use unserialize() to turn it back from a string into an array.

  $arr = unserialize('a:2:{s:4:"user";b:1;s:6:"userid";s:2:"48";}');
  echo $arr['userid'];
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The string I see is serialized array in PHP

To unserialize array do this

$obj = unserialize('a:2:{s:4:"user";b:1;s:6:"userid";s:2:"48";}');
echo $obj['userid'];

I have unserialized array then access array param by name

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